Friday 2 September 2011

The fun and games Thursday started on my second half, a LES-EPP-WER-LES “rounder”. At BUH WB two young ladies made a dash from the stairs just as the doors were closing and only one made it onboard. When I tried to reunite them I could see on the CCTV that the doors stayed shut even though the “door closed visual” suggested they were open.

After I’d pressed various buttons and turned various rotary switches to no avail I told Wood Lane that I had a problem and went back to investigate. While the doors on the rear six cars were closed the ones on the front two were open which was a problem that I’d never encountered before.

By this time the lady who’d been left behind had walked up to the front of the train so with her on board I tried closing the doors on the front two cars but they refused to budge. I closed them with the "porter buttons" and set off to WOO. When we got there all the doors stayed firmly closed so I informed Wood Lane that the train was going “out of service” and asked the station staff to start tipping out by opening the “butterflies”.

It was only at that point I remembered it might be a good idea to try resetting the “door control” MCBs and predictably that resolved the issue. The only way to describe how I felt at that point is a Homeresque "D'oh!!!"

Sadly It didn’t last, at SOW some of the doors didn’t open and even though tripping the MCBs did the trick again it was clear that this was not a happy train and needed to be taken to the depot. At LES the passengers and I were decanted from one train onto another and we headed WB about 15 minutes late.

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