Thursday 8 September 2011

Wednesday was to timetable, only Friday and Saturday to do and then I will be off again until 28th September. After work on Tuesday I went to my branch meeting where the main topics of conversation were the pay deal, the Olympics, the shortage of TOps and the new procedures LUL are bringing in next week which I will cover soon.

Our Reps still think there’s plenty to negotiate on pay deal though they are hopeful that the issue of Bank Holidays, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve is almost there. The Olympics won’t be settled until the pay deal is sorted and the TOp shortage is not just on the Central Line, it’s every Line.

The meeting did produce a strange tale; one of our members approached the local Rep objecting to Muslim TOps being given “light duties” and “special arrangements” for Ramadan which she thought was unfair to all us non-Muslims. The Rep thought this all sounded unlikely and when he investigated he confirmed that there were no such deals in place.

What he did discover was that the rumour seemed to trace back to an RMT Rep, possibly the same one claiming that ASLEF Reps were going around advising us to accept the current pay deal. Same old RMT, when facts don’t work try invention.

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