Tuesday 6 September 2011

Okay there is bizarre and there is bizarre; this was bizarre.

Wood Lane had given us a “next platform and hold” for a train having trouble on the EB approach to LEY though instead of the usual two voices giving out the same information we had three; the Line Controller, the Line Information Assistant and the Signaller.

Along with them blaring out over the radio and the station PA informing us that there was a good service on the Central Line there was little space for me to let my passengers know what was going on so when everything went quiet I took the opportunity to enlighten them as to why we weren’t moving.

Predictably while I was making the PA the Signaller made another announcement instructing various trains to move up and while I half heard “LAG up to MAA” I though it best to check.

“Train at LAG EB; did you just ask me to move up to MAA?”

“You’re not at LAG, pick another station.”

Now I most certainly was at LAG but I was game for a laugh.

“QUE?” I suggested, even though there was no crossover in front of me.

“No, I’ve got nothing at QUE.” She was obviously getting irritated.

“HOP?” I offered.

“You’re clear up to LAG.” She said cutting me off without another word.

Well, the signal was clear, it was safe to move so I went onto the next station which surprisingly turned out to be MAA rather than NHG. I decided it was probably best not to try to move up to QUE.

Nice to know that Wood Lane know what they are doing……..

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