Sunday 5 August 2012

Apart from being obviously busier around Stratford yesterday was pretty normal for a Saturday, even noticeably quiet up the West End no matter what Jeremy Hunt says. I did overhear a signal engineer saying that the failure at BEG on Friday morning was the result of a part that had exceeded its life expectancy and perhaps should have been replaced some time ago.

It would appear that we are still struggling with the difference between economy and efficiency but then when the Treasury cut billions from TfL’s budget it’s ludicrous to expect the Tube not to suffer. One day someone will realise that investment in public transport is vital to maintaining a successful city, benefing the wider economy, enabling businesses to thrive thus generating more tax returns for HM government however I doubt if it will be in my lifetime. Rant over.

I ended the shift by closing up the train at WER and then taking it empty all the way back EB, I have no idea why this was but I wasn’t the only “Special” running after the last train had gone. I lost count of the number of stations I went through that still had passengers staring hopefully at the approaching train and then sorrowfully trudging away as I sailed past at a majestic 20kph without stopping. I almost felt guilty……

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