Thursday 23 August 2012

How quiet is the Tube? So quiet that for the second post running I’m veering away onto non-tube matters. While I was on my meal break I was watching the ITV news and they had a section on the proposed price increases by gas/electricity provider SSE which included a video from the CEO Ian Merchant. I thought it would be impossible to find a worse haircut than Boris but here’s a man who is on over £1m a year but can’t find a decent barber.

Set your faces to stunned……

When I showed it later to the ex-Mrs shrugged she declared “He looks like a boiled pig in a wig” but then added who the @&%$ would buy a wig that looked like that?


  1. Re the energy prices... I'm getting mixed messages here as Power NI have just announced a 15% DECREASE in prices due to lower wholesale costs. Now call me cynical if you have to, but someone's telling porkies and/or has their hand in the cookie jar.

  2. Christ, he is one ugly bastard. There must be better ways to improve your looks. I suggest he spends his hard earned dosh on Weightwatchers and eharmony subscriptions. He needs somebody to tell him a few home truths!

  3. With the gas and electric price increases, this guy can get a better wig.

    1. As the ex said who'd buy a syrup like that, it must be his own hair!