Thursday 9 August 2012

LOCOG have got their knickers in a twist over a photo posted on Twitter by an Australian BMX rider of a bucket of condoms in the Olympic Village supporting the rumours that the athletes are celebrating their success to the max. LOCOG’s problem is that the condoms aren’t by Durex, the official supplier to the 2012 games.

Free condoms have been supplied ever since Sydney 2000 when demand outstripped the 70000 supplied, 100000 were handed out at Beijing and even more this year. Maybe if the government wants more sports participation then they should stop closing playing fields and starting handing out free rubber johnnies with gym memberships.

Where's me trainers.........

In a follow up to yesterday's post someone over at Londonist has been at the calculator and worked out that the cable car has actually averaged 906 passengers per hour as it is currently open until midnight rather than its usual closing time of 9pm. In addition the much hailed 10 year £36m sponsorship deal with Emirates is subject to meeting certain targets and will be reduced if these aren't met.

We’re still quiet down here on the Tube.

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