Tuesday 16 October 2012

I’ve just read that Boris has decided that more should be done for “London Poppy Day” so there are going to be a couple of trains and a couple of buses decked out in “poppy” livery, every train will on the Tube, DLR and Overground will have a poppy on it and there will be PAs on the stations to inform passengers.

Now am I old fashioned or does anyone think that somehow makes Remembrance Sunday into a sort of Red Nose Day without the jokes? We are honouring people who gave their lives and risked their bodies for our country and showing support for those who continue to do so. I find the whole thing disrespectful, undignified and cheap. I didn't believe that my opinion of Boris could sink any lower but he's proved me wrong, this is below contempt.

I will wear my poppy and remember Frederick Shepherd who served in the trenches of Flanders, lost his best friend, was wounded and after recovering in London returned to the front. While in hospital he met a nurse from Somerset, after the war they married and had three daughters, the youngest of which is my mother.

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  1. OH god, not more station announcements that nobody listens to. Oh well, Boris obviously thinks becuase its to do with a poppy, we'll all suddenly care what LU repeat at least 5,000 times a day. Does anybody listen to them saying there's a good service on all lines any more.

    I'm surprised he's not demanding that SONIA is re-programmed to remind everybody to buy a poppy before she tells us what station we're at, or where the train is going :)