Saturday 10 July 2010

Apart from the very hot weather not much to report over the last two days. Friday night I finished at HAI and then had to ride back “on the cushions” to LES to book off. At WAN there was a lot of screaming on the platform, a couple of teenagers holding the doors while a friend ambled down the escalators or whatever it is the young fill their time with when they should be shifting their arses and getting onto the train. The TOp made a few world-weary “stand clear of the doors” PAs but we didn’t move for a minute or so.

When I got off at LES I could hear the noisome brats had done the same. They were still following me as I went up the stairs to the EB platform and I could hear one of their number explaining to a friend on her mobile that they had come to LES as they couldn’t be bothered to walk all the way from WAN to SNA, a hideously challenging hike of a whole kilometre (or 1093yds to us old ‘uns). As she reached the top of the stairs behind me there was a scream of horror as the train on the platform closed its doors and headed off towards EPP with the next SNA-bound train a whole ten minutes away.

Had the slowcoach been a little quicker they would have made the connection; oh there is a God and they operate signals……..

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