Tuesday 27 July 2010

Someone reported that they could smell “something plastic” burning in the front two cars to station staff at MIE but by the time Wood Lane told me I was just pulling out of LEY and when I jumped out of the cab at LES to investigate I could find no trace. We are still very touchy on fire after King’s Cross, which is why you still cannot smoke anywhere on LUL, even the bits above ground, just a total no-no. Part of the annual licence renewal of everyone from CSAs to managers includes a fire refresher course and even the number of staff required for each station to open is calculated on how many it would take to evacuate in an emergency.

The only other thing of note was a total absence of Evening Standards when I changed ends at WER and EPP, normally the carriages are full of them but not one to be seen tonight. Was there a shortage, a short print run and they ran out or something or did they just not print yesterday’s edition?

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