Thursday 15 July 2010

Tuesday was featureless, even the last HAI train went ungraffitied but Wednesday proved far more entertaining. Despite the rain Auto was performing nicely until we reached NOR EB when it pulled up two cars short and then at GRE it failed when only halfway in. Rather than carry on like that I put her into Coded Manual and kept like that till WHC where we go into the “Pipe”. Before I start sounding repetitive I’ll state for the last time that Automatic Train Operation would be a great idea if it worked but it’s a long way off.

At SOW EB a man got off the last car, jumped onto his bike and cycled down the platform. I’m sure it comes as no surprise that riding a bike anywhere on a station is not encouraged as it’s downright dangerous to the rider or other passengers and the byelaws state that “No person shall drive or ride any vehicle, bicycle, or other conveyance into or on the premises”. “Other conveyance” can include anything from rollerblades to a large golden retriever and especially those poxy little scooter things that were so popular a while ago. I did once see a twat on a skate board come a cropper at Paddington and while he was left sprawling on the platform his skateboard ended up under the wheels of a Circle Line train. I feel I should say something about idiots removing themselves from the gene pool but can't quite get the phrasing right, not enough sleep today.

On reaching EPP there was only one person asleep, a lady who when informed where she was responded with the plumiest “oh shit” I think I’ve ever heard. Further proof that the alcohol ban has been forgotten was in evidence when I got to the other end of the train. Someone had spilt a can of Carling and the beer had seeped under the J Door so I made the short journey from EPP to LOU with the cab smelling like a pub after kicking out time. This job is just non-stop glamour.......

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