Tuesday 20 July 2010

Late post, Saturday night was uneventful, one woman at EPP got off and was wandering up and down trying to find a way over to the other platform to get a train back to LOU, I informed her that the train she had just got off WAS the train back to LOU. Sunday morning the stretch between DEB and EPP was bunny overload, I lost count.

Trouble brewing over reduced hours for ticket offices, something management have said would not happen and Boris promised he would put a stop to. I saw this coming years ago when Oyster cards were being introduced, it was one of the factors that led me to the conclusion that there was no future working on Stations and that I’d better get my arse over to Trains pronto.

Reduced hours would mean less ticket office staff and there are rumours that LUL are trying to reduce the number of staff present to open a given station. This is based on the estimated number of people needed to evacuate the station in an emergency, so while somewhere simple like Bayswater with two platforms and a ticket hall need a Supervisor and one other somewhere like King’s Cross or Oxford Circus need a lot more.

Another rumour is that LUL want to change the procedure of evacuating a train in a tunnel; at the moment we sit and wait for Station Staff to come along and then each person leads a dozen of so punters down the track but the word is that we will be asked to leave the train and do it ourselves if no one has arrived after half an hour. All rumour at the moment but it is the sort of moronic idea that comes out of 55, a wonderful land where they believe that every morning the train pixies wave their wands and the Tube starts running by magic.

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