Friday 22 April 2011

After Wednesday’s mayhem everything went timetable, not that anyone would have noticed if things had gone horribly wrong, so many people had started the Easter weekend early that it felt more like a Saturday than a Thursday.

The only wrinkle was that the Jubilee was suspended due to a defective train at Canary Wharf which meant that the only way east from London Bridge was to head up the Northern to BAN and jump on the Central. Half an hour after the suspension started BAN EB was so overcrowded that they decided to close the platform and we were instructed to non-stop.

Almost seconds after that announcement we were told that the Jubilee had resumed and shortly after we were told to stop at BAN EB as normal. I had a picture of sad, tired refugees from the Jubilee shuttling between the two stations on the Northern Line in the desperate hope of escaping Zone 1.

I’m off till Sunday, have a good weekend everybody.

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