Wednesday 6 April 2011

I was the “dead late” spare yesterday, the last spare to book on before the night duties. When I got to work the place was empty except for the DTSM who immediately handed me a job that took me all the way through to the end of my shift, all the other spares were already busy. When I had my meal break at HAI there was no one there either and I was told that all the HAI spares were busy covering LOU depot duties as well as their own. When I finally got back to LES after midnight the night spare was nowhere to be seen.

From conversations with my colleagues this seems to be a pretty normal state of affairs, we are running at full capacity with just enough TOps to run the service at the current level. When the Olympics hit town the proposal is that the Central Line will run an “enhanced” service throughout the day with a third “peak” late in the evening to enable the crowds to get home and will finish an hour later than normal.

We are going to need more TOps……

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