Friday 29 April 2011

Everything went smoothly Thursday which was hardly surprising as once again it would appear that vast numbers have decided to start the long weekend early and the platforms were half empty during the morning peak.

Following the localised strikes on the Northern and Bakerloo Lines over the sacking of two TOps the RMT have successfully balloted for a Tube wide strike. It all seems a little premature as the last I heard the Employment Tribunal have yet to hear one of the cases and have not delivered their verdict on the one they had.

The problem is that even if the Employment Tribunal do find in favour of the two men under the present legislation LUL does not have to give them their jobs back, they just have to pay a large wedge of compensation. With LUL pleading poverty at the pay negotiations (while at the same time boasting of record passenger numbers) it would be a lot cheaper to simply reinstate them and tell them to behave in future.

Perhaps I’m missing something..........

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