Sunday 1 May 2011

I was spare on Friday and for the first couple of hours I sat around drinking tea and watching Hitchcock’s “Spellbound”. I’m a big film fan, my dad was a cinema manager in the 50s and 60s so I was brought up watching a lot of old movies. Hitchcock grew up in Leytonstone and the subway to the station is decorated with mosaics depicting his life and movies, well worth seeing if you are ever over this way. Salvador Dali was hired to help with Gregory Peck’s dream sequences but sadly the studio cut the original 20 minutes worth and other than a few stills the extra footage is lost.

After that I was sent down to the Waterloo and City, the first time I’ve ever actually worked there rather than go for training. I’ve never liked the idea of going one stop, changing ends, going one stop, going up the sidings, getting off, getting on the next one, going one stop, changing ends, repeat until your brain starts dribbling out your ears. Some people love it but I was bored after the second trip.

I can’t have had more than six passengers on at a time and once I left completely empty. After about two and a half hours of that I was on my way back, the Tube was virtually deserted and everyone seemed to have something with a Union Jack on it except me. Very odd.

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