Sunday 29 May 2011

Sorry for the delay in posting but I've had trouble logging in.

Wednesday was timetable and when I booked on Thursday I found that the person who’s duty I was covering had returned to work so I became an additional spare. Less than half an hour later I was off up to EPP and back in heavy rain, so heavy in fact that BUH was closed due to flooding. When a station is closed Wood Lane will put a “station skip” in place which tells trains in auto not to stop there and it will go through the platform at 20kph.

BUH reopened EB just after I’d passed through and reopened WB just as I was leaving LOU on the way back. Halfway to BUH “auto station skip” flashed up on DTS which obviously meant that auto would not stop at the station. I waited till the train had slowed to 20kph then knocked out the TBC to put on the emergency brake, switched to Coded and pulled into the platform.

As with the signal failure on Tuesday shortly after one person made an announcement from Wood Lane someone else repeated the same message; henceforth I will refer to this phenomena as “Little Sir Echo”.

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