Wednesday 25 May 2011

I’ve watched the webcast of the GLA Transport Committee from last Tuesday again and Bob Crow made an interesting point. He claimed that between 1926 and 1975 industrial relations on the Tube were so good that there were possibly only two days of strikes on LUL. I will try and verify this but I'm asuming he meant after the General Strike.

One of the factors he blamed for the number of disputes in recent years is the fragmentation of the Tube under PPP where rather than just dealing with LUL the unions now have separate disputes with the infracos and subcontractors.

As for the £500 bonus “being demanded” here is what was actually said (or as close to it as I can be bothered to transcribe).

Bob Crow – There’s been no formal position put by London Underground to us, as of yet, on an Olympic deal, we have got a deal with Network Rail, the biggest rail operator obviously in Britain, and we’d be looking for the same if not better with London Underground.

Val Shawcross – Peter Hendy, this morning I’ve read in the press, is saying they’re considering paying a Games bonus of up to £500 which is similar to Network Rail, is that the first you’ve heard of that?

Bob Crow – It’s the first I’ve heard of it so it must have been a good deal last week if Peter Hendy has recommended it.

If you want to check it yourself go to

and click on “Transport Committee – Tues 17 June”. Start around the 16:30 point.

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