Monday 18 April 2011

Special working, no trains beyond MAA, the most noticeable thing was that whereas the last time I did this there were station staff on the platform helping to close up the train and direct bemused passengers this time it was left to the TOps and a DTSM. We certainly had no idea which bus went where, I hope there were station staff upstairs to provide them with more reliable information.

I was the last EB and the platforms were packed. By the time I reached TCR passengers were squeezing on or running further down the platform to find space. Needless to say when I reached EPP I was running late and only had enough time to change ends before I was off again.

Apart from the usual evidence of a good night out, empty bottles, empty cans, a small pool of vomit, I encountered a distraught child, almost in tears, being led away from the public toilets by her mother who declared that “if a lady made that mess then she was no lady”. The EPP Super rolled his eyes and went to assess the extent of the problem and if it requireD the services of a plumber.

One sleeper refused to wake up despite my best efforts and as I didn’t have time to hang about he came to LOU with me. When I arrived there was no sign of station staff to help me close up so after three attempts to move the sleeper I managed to get him up on his feet and onto the platform. While I was finishing closing up someone, I assume the LOU Super, made a PA announcing that there were no more trains and that passengers should leave the station.

That had absolutely no effect as when I walked back to the cab the gentleman was pressing the door buttons in the vain hope that he could continue his journey. I explained that his only way home was to try the minicab office outside the station and went off to stable the train. Despite losing 650 station staff it appears we still have managed to retain some of those who can’t be bothered to get off their fat arses and do their jobs.

The next morning was unusually busy, the train was quite crowded by the time I reached LES which I assume was down to the London Marathon. At 7:00 in the morning! On a Sunday? Some people are far too keen.

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