Sunday 8 January 2012

Ha ha, our new Gen Sec has a sense of humour! When he heard that Ladbrooke’s were offering 10/1 that ASLEF would strike during the Olympics he joked that he could put all the union’s liquid assets on it, call a one day strike, pay us for the day's earnings lost and still make a tidy profit. I’m surprised that Andrew Gilligan or the Evening Standard haven’t published it as they normally believe such things to be genuine.

I don’t know what odds the bookies are offering on RMT going on strike but they still haven’t signed up to the agreement for working 9 hour shifts on the weekends or finishing after 1:30am and in their usual “head in the sand” fashion LUL don’t seem in any hurry to get them on board.

But then if a strike does happen during the Olympics the senior management will still have their nice cosy jobs and big fat salaries so why should they worry?

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