Wednesday 18 January 2012

It must be the cold weather, there’s been very little to report over the last three nights. It’s also been dry so we’ve not been sent out on “sleets”, driving trains up and down the open sections with the de-icer units on to keep the “juice” rails clear in “engineering hours” (the bit between last and first trains). I would say that everything is quiet but the TOp I’m sharing the mess room with snores like a pig being dragged over corrugated metal.

The only problem was that a fine drizzle started while I was bringing the train out in the morning making the rails very slippery and ATO simply couldn’t cope. It failed twice between LOU and DEB on the EB so I went into Coded and when I gave it another chance WB it failed again. I just gave up, drove down the LES and told the TOp taking me off that this one really did not like the wet.

All we do is push buttons…….

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  1. It was that horrible, greasy London drizzle which renders your wipers about as effective as if you'd smeared the window with lard. I ended up walking back to London Bridge through it from an aborted training session at a place near Chancery Lane. Hateful stuff.