Wednesday 11 January 2012

Someone was having fun at Wood Lane yesterday afternoon. The problem started when the train behind me, heading to WOO via HAI, developed a problem and needed to go out of service.

The TOp on train in front of me, on Plat 3 at LES heading to EPP, was told to make his train into the defective one and send his passengers over to Plat. 2. I’d pick them up, head off to EPP as I was meant to, the defective train could come into the platform I’d just vacated and the passengers off that could cross over to the train that was waiting for them.

The first I knew about it was when the signal outside LES directed me over the points towards Plat. 2; I only found out what was going on by hanging out the cab door and having a shouted conversation with the TOp on the train next to mine. All this to-ing and fro-ing of passengers was going to delay the trains behind us so when the signal cleared I made a PA to say we were ready to leave, couldn’t see anyone in an obvious rush to get on board, closed up and headed off.

Sadly it seems that there were plenty of people still making their way across from Plat 3 and they were rather annoyed that I’d left without them and the station staff received the brunt of their displeasure as usual. Not a good day to be wearing LUL uniform at LES.

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