Thursday 3 May 2012

The last WER train has been late two days in a row, on Tuesday when I changed ends at EPP I found that someone had been copiously sick over the floor of one of the cars and as there weren’t any cleaners there I was told to take the train to LOU. The platform was empty when I arrived but eventually the Super and a cleaner appeared only for the cleaner to head back downstairs to get the right kit needed to deal with the job.

Last night Wood Lane told me twice that SNA was unstaffed but failed to mention that BUH was also empty as no one had bothered to tell them. When I got LES the last EAB, which was meant to have left 3 minutes before me, hadn’t arrived so I waited for that and spent a lot of time in the Pipe staring at it’s tail lights.

ATO was up to it usual tricks, stopping halfway into a platform so often I just gave up. I also lost codes completely between LAG and QUE, apparently caused by an engineering train passing the points at QUE EB.

Boris thinks these trains drive themselves but then he also claimed that every station would be staffed while trains are running. I’m off to vote.

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