Wednesday 30 May 2012

Not much to report, the warmer weather seems to be encouraging more people to stay up in town after work, something I used to do in the summer back in the distant past when I myself was a M-F 9-5 commuter-type. Consequently the last trains are slightly more crowded though the passengers seem to be a lot happier that time of night; hooray for alcohol!

The influx of new TOps doesn't seem to have been evenly distributed as some depots still have duties uncovered; last week I had to go to HAI to put a train away as had the spare who was driving it finished the duty they would have gone into overtime. There are more new TOps training and I assume they will fill the gaps in the next month or two. Touching on the Olympics RMT have come an agreement and all we are waiting for now is the duty sheets to go up so we can find out when we’re actually working.

And finally I’m happy to announce that the banner covering the Hanbury Street Crane has been removed. Thank you, Tower Hamlets Council, for showing art the respect it is due.

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