Tuesday 1 May 2012

I’m having a run of signal problems, at the weekend I lost codes going into WHC sidings and when I called up Wood Lane they told me that the problem had been intermittently springing up all day. Last night at NOR they called me up to say that they were having problems getting the trains in at WER and that I was to hold when I reached RUG.

When I got there the Station Super checked how many passengers were on board; if there were only a few they suggested getting taxis to ferry them to WER and I would go into the depot from RUG. If there were too many I’d have had to carry out The Procedure and then wait until they could get the Techie up in a taxi from WHC to fix the problem.

Fortunately I was empty but as the shunters had been expecting me to come in from WER I had to wait until one of them walked over from the west side to set the points for me. As the roads were now full of trains that had been stabled earlier I had to leave mine on the east side of the depot and trudge through the rain to WER.

Other than that and the usual rain/ATO problem not much happening out there but here I had over 4000 views in the last month. Gosh.......

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