Monday 30 April 2012

A young pregnant black woman pops into KFC on her way home from work, gets racially abused by another customer and a fight ensues. Despite the police deciding that there were no charges to answer her employers obtain the CCTV footage and decide there is enough cause to sack her after 8 years service for gross misconduct.

Ladies and gentleman, coming to an Employment Tribunal and undoubtedly yet another threatened strike near you, I present the case of Customer Service Assistant Dayna Nembhard. London Underground, not content with the mauling they took over Arwyn Thomas and Eamonn Lynch last year, are poking the RMT pit bull once more, giving them another chance to display the depths of crass stupidity our management are prepared to stoop to.

And you wonder why we all join a Union.

The rain has been having it usual effect on ATO and the winds have been so bad that Wood Lane have been asking the first trains along the open sections to go Coded Manual in case anything had fallen across the tracks. I’ve heard that the “driverless” trains will have some sort of detection device that will stop the train before they hit any obstructions, let’s just hope that it will be able to tell the difference between a tree and a copy of the Metro or someone who’s fallen off the platform and a pigeon.

The only observation over the last few days is that the new blue upholstery seems to be far more comfortable than the old red stuff or so the number of people I’ve discovered stretched out on the seats asleep would suggest.


  1. Much as I hate to side with the management, I'm afraid I'm coming down 200% in their favour this time.

    Why should they tolerate someone working for them who will happily whack someone else even when off duty.

    Good on LU management I say.

    Besides - havent' the RMT people got more important things to do, like trying to prove Boris said something nasty about their glorious leader, whats his name again

  2. The police found no reason to charge her which supports her claim that she was acting in self defence. I’m sure if you ever get attacked and come to blows with someone you’ll do the decent thing and quit your job.

    With over 80000 members across the UK I’m sure the RMT can afford lawyers to handle the High Court case and attend the Tribunal too. That’s why you pay your Union dues, free legal representation and advice, it’s job insurance.

  3. Or walk away from the situation. There is no excuse whatsoever for behaviour like that.

    Even if the police did not charge me for something like that, I would end up in teh same situation she did, sacked. My firm would not accept that kind of behaviour, and I wouldn't expect them to.

    RMT need to get over themselves tbh

  4. Please do tell, how does one walk away from being black?

  5. Racist idiots only understand a good slap, good on her

  6. I agree. When I was a kid I sometimes ran into attacks because I'm Jewish, and found reasoning didn't work. I thought the answer was with my fists, but was mistaken. Once you have knocked the buggers down you should also put the boot in!

    When I came to London bus conductors were often subject to abuse and worse, especially those who were black. The yobboes made no exception for women. One night three of them started on a black conductress who'd had the temerity to ask for their fares. When an old boy(white) stood up to them they set upon him. That was when I decided I could not just sit there and pretend it wasn't happening. I managed to grab one and ram his head against the window a few times. Fortunately it did not break, and more fortunately still the three yobs decided it was their stop and time to get off. They went threaening to get me another time. But next time I saw two of them was on a building site in Acton,where they picked on the smallest black guy they could find, and they did not last the day.
    We still see posters on buses and stations warning that the companies will take a dim view of any attacks on their staff, and will seek stiff penalties against the perpetrators. Are they going to add "but if you catch them off duty you are welcome to abuse and attack them, and we will sack them if they try to defend themselves and fight back!"?
    I am a pensioner now, and not too fit. I'd feel safer using transport if stations are properly staffed, and if staff are not afraid to stand up to bullies in case they are the ones who get punished.

  7. I was on the wrong end of a right kicking in the late 70s because my girlfriend was black though I suppose being a bit of a punk, having one mate who was Pakistani and another who suspected to be gay, rightly as it turned out, made me a bit of an easy target. So despite being whiter than an eel’s underbelly I can say I’ve been effected by racism.

    1. This woman is a homewrecker