Monday 16 April 2012

I hope the new moquette cleans easily and doesn’t stain as someone had left a rather large memento of a night’s hard drinking on one of our nice, new blue seats last night. Normally I’d have asked if the station cleaner could dear it up and if they weren’t available taken it out of service but as it was past midnight on a Sunday night, I was completely empty and only had EPP to LOU left I thought it best not to delay things as the cleaners in the sidings are better equipped to handle such matters.

One alarming bit of news is that during the Olympics the W&C will be running until 01:00 every night and also running on a Sunday. As I’ve mentioned the Central Line will be running an enhanced timetable with more and later trains while the Games are in progress, my depot provides TOps for the W&C and we are currently struggling to provide enough staff to cover the current timetable. While we will be getting around a dozen extra TOps before the summer I can’t see how we are going to avoid cancelling trains but the duty rosters will make fascinating reading when they come out.

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