Sunday 1 April 2012

Where did we go right?

Once again I’ve not written as there’s been nothing to write about, everything going to timetable while I’ve been on, no major upsets, the usual ATO/ATP problems, plenty of rucksacks holding the doors open but other than that it’s been smooth running.

I even had one day spare where the rosters and the Mafias conspired to give us no uncovered duties while I was there. I finished off an early turn with an EPP and back at the start but didn’t touch a train again until the end of my shift when I took a dud from LOU to HAI and then took a good train back to replace it.

On top of that the weather’s been so good I’ve been driving in Coded with the cab door open whenever I had the chance. All in all a good time to be working the Central Line.

It can’t possibly last……

I've just checked and in March I received 3700 views, my highest figure to date, just a shame there was so little to report.