Friday 6 April 2012

The Long Good Friday?

Yesterday was odd. Although it was a Thursday it appears that a lot of people had headed off for their Easter weekend early and everything had more of a Saturday feel with the City comparatively empty while the West End was heaving with plenty of alcohol consumption in evidence. Despite that this morning also feels decidedly Saturday-like, not helped by the fact we are running a Saturday service and that West Ham are playing this evening.

Not that it matters, Saturdays, Sundays, Bank Holidays are all pretty meaningless to us as we work them regardless, the only changes being that the weekend timetables have less trains more evenly spread throughout the day rather than concentrating on the two peaks. Our shift patterns change accordingly and more of us get the day off. Sunday is my rostered Rest Day but while I should be working Monday as it’s also a Saturday timetable they’ve taken one of my days Annual Leave and told me to stay at home.

Maybe Monday will feel like a Sunday………

By the way, anonymous yesterday 09.09, West Ham was not a mistake as it wasn’t a choice. You latch onto a team during your formative years, mostly by dictate of location or family allegiance, like nationality or religion, and then you stick with that until you shuffle off this mortal coil. In fact in that respect football is far more persistent than religion, many convert in later life after much soul searching and internal debate but I’ve never heard of anyone changing football teams after attaining adulthood.

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  1. West Ham are away at Barnsley so I don't think the Central line will have to worry.