Tuesday 24 April 2012

We’re even shorter of TOps than last week; one of our number has a family bereavement to cope with while another had a one-under at DEB early Sunday morning and will be off until she gets the all clear from Occupational Health. The slightly worrying thing about this was that I said “hello” to the TOp involved as we passed on the stairs when she was going to pick up her train and I was heading for home. Half an hour earlier and it could have been me sending a “Mayday” to Wood Lane and spending months off with the shrinks.

The word going round the depot, not always reliable, is that the man survived but the TOp was pretty shaken up after she’d stopped as the victim had been dragged along and she could see his legs sticking out from under the train. As with every TOp who experiences something like this I wish her a speedy recovery and a quick return to work while to my other colleague I send my deepest condolences having suffered a similar bereavement myself last year.

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