Tuesday 17 April 2012

A piece of good news on the staffing front, I had another look on the boards and we currently have 24 TOps in training with another three starting this week. Fourteen of those are definitely coming to LES which is just as well as we had twelve duties uncovered yesterday while HAI had six and I imagine that the other depots were in a similar state.

Regrettably this deluge of new trainees has created its own problem as we don’t have enough IOps to cover them all and I do wonder if there will be enough time to get all the training in before the Opening Ceremony.


  1. This is a very interesting situation, but I guess at least there are new bods coming.

    Do they all need to go out on the line, or can simulators be used to do some of the work so that the instructors that are about can cover the stuff the computers can't

  2. To get the licence you have to do a certain number of hours on the front end before you are allowed out on your own, the only go out with an IOpne on a train in passenger service. You do four weeks in a classroom, four weeks stock in a group and then everything is one to one.

    There is only one simulator at HAI depot and I think they have one over at RUI depot too. You don't get passengers holding the doors open in simulators so their usefulness for accustomising new TOps to the rigours they will face are limited.