Thursday 5 April 2012

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before

Just to reiterate I do not speak on behalf of ASLEF, I am not an ASLEF rep just a member, nor I do not speak on behalf of my fellow employees at LUL. This blog contains my own individual thoughts, observations and opinions, I represent a constituency of one.

Not all TrainOps support West Ham, think that John Peel was a godlike genius, that the Smiths were the greatest band ever or that with a few notable exception TV has become a virtually unwatchable parade of the banal. Some TrainOps believe in God, an afterlife, that 9/11 was a US government conspiracy or even that Boris has been good for London, I do not.

I believe that London is the greatest city on earth and like 80% of LUL employees I want to give our passengers a world class service. Like 62% I believe this is an achievable goal, like 73% I feel a commitment towards the Tube but like 53% I am less than satisfied with our leadership’s ability.

Unlike 32% of my colleagues I do not trust our senior management and unlike 33% I do not think the deal honestly or openly with the staff. The figures come from LUL’s annual staff survey Speak Up ’10; for some reason there was no Speak Up ’11, perhaps because of the ticket office closures and the unfair dismissal of two TOps.

Please do not take my words as gospel, I may have misunderstood or been misinformed or be completely wrong. I have made some serious mistakes in the past (motorcycle, marriage, Hawaiian shirts, beard) but if I make an error or mislead in any way I will try to correct things as and when. I also reserve the right to change an opinion, it’s called being human, if I say one thing and then say something contradictory later it could be that I’ve reconsidered, come to a different conclusion and simply failed to make a note of it.

I still have one Hawaiian shirt in my wardrobe……


  1. Everyone should be allowed one mistake. Shouldn't they?

  2. I thinking the Hawaiian shirt, nut was tempted to say West Ham :-D