Thursday 6 September 2012

A beautiful summer’s day meant that I spent all my time in the open sections (as opposed to tunnel sections) driving in Coded with the door open. Two things of note yesterday, first the points failure at LES which left us with only one WB platform in the middle of the evening peak and queues of trains backing up along the EPP and HAI branches. I joined the queue on the approach to LOU and ended up finishing 20 minutes late.

The other thing was the lady who came up the stairs to the EB platform at EAA and seeing the cab door open asked me if the train went to TCR. I confirmed that it did and she walked off down the platform making no attempt to board the train. As I pulled out she was still walking along towards the back end of the platform which is odd as the exit to TCR is at the front.

Anyway that’s me done until Tuesday, I’m off to Bestival for four nights of music, merriment and Merlot. Have a nice weekend, folks.

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