Friday 28 September 2012

Colour me confused. According to the BBC and just about everyone else the RMT are about to ballot over the testing of driverless trains next month on the Jubilee Line which was first reported back in July and strenuously denied by LUL at the time. According to the Deep Tube Railway Document, which RMT have provided online, the focus of driverless trains will be the Bakerloo, Piccadilly, W&C and Central Lines, no mention of the Jubilee which only started using ATO last year. I appreciate that the system there is far more sophisticated than the one we have on the Central but considering the problems they had ever since it was introduced I’d be very surprised if they were going to let trains run on their own. I wonder if they have the sort of problems we have when it rains?

The absence of the TOps that arrived for the Olympics is starting to be noticeable, once more there are NCAs on the booking on sheets, how long before we start cancelling trains for lack of drivers?


  1. "I wonder if they have the sort of problems we have when it rains?"

    When rain causes a train to stop in ATO, does DTS say that you've lost codes?

  2. Have you read this article?