Saturday 15 September 2012

Not much happening again, things pretty much back to normal. I did notice that the Boris Bus has returned to the news, as expected the bus operating companies have declined to buy them so TfL plan on purchasing 600 at £160m between now and 2016. Normally bus operators buy or lease buses and can move them around the country or even abroad, some of the bendies ended up in Malta, but with no demand for the Boris Bus outside the capital (or City Hall to be precise) TfL will be stuck with them until they fall apart.

In addition the bus operators have refused to fork out for the second staff member needed to use the rear platform so TfL will fund that at an estimated cost of £37m per year. As owners TfL will be liable for any claims for injuries suffered falling from the rear platform and as the bus operators don’t want them it seems likely they will ask for larger payments from TfL to run them on their routes. All of which points towards higher fares in future, not that I care as I get free travel with the job.

Don’t blame me, I voted for Ken.

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