Saturday 29 September 2012

London was heaving last night, I had to wake a few sleepers up when I reached WER on my first trip and there were even more when I reached EPP. I must admit I sometimes feel as if I’m missing a great party out there, I’m seriously thinking about having a word with the Mafia and ditching the night shifts, the new timetable will mean more lates so that shouldn’t be too much trouble.

For all the praise we received over the Olympics some of my colleagues seem not to be as customer focused as they could. Recently when I was on a last train and was changing ends I could see the Station Super making himself busy waking people up. When I passed him he was rousing a gentleman, not too gently either, informing him that this was the end of the line and that he had to leave the train as it wasn’t going any further. I interrupted him to point out that I was going back a few stops before stabling if the passenger needed to head back the way they’d come and this was overheard by a couple who I’d seen the Super usher off the train earlier. They asked me if the train went to the station they’d missed, I confirmed that it did and they got back on.

The Super didn’t seem particularly pleased with my intervention, maybe he’s on commission from the local minicabs or simply that he gets a sadistic pleasure from stranding passengers when they could travel back at least part of their journey. I guess he must be one of the 20% who doesn’t want to give London a “World Class Tube”.

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  1. As a driver myself I've seen many staff being awkward and sarcastic with pax then look aghast when they get abuse. I try to be as helpful as I can to them it doesn't always work but that's their concern not mine.