Tuesday 4 May 2010

Bankholiday-itis part 2. Not as bad as Saturday, while I was late arriving there was always just enough time to leave to timetable. Not that anyone would have noticed; London was dead, it was quieter than a regular Sunday, where was everyone? Still it was a glorious day and the run up to Epp was quite beautiful. On my last trip back from WeR I had the sun setting behind me and everything was infused with a rosy glow, the rooftops of West London, the trees and bushes, even the ballast between the tracks looked pretty.

News that one of our managers is taking early retirement, apparently over a dispute about an allegedly racist comment. We all know he’s not a racist, he hates everyone, he’s an equal opportunities bastard and while he was unpopular he knew how to do his job from years of experience on the railways. If he is replaced it will probably be by some graduate trainee who has all the right qualifications and said all the right things to HR but won’t have the slightest idea when it comes to man management. That is if he’s replaced; with all the cutbacks it’s likely the workload will get passed on to our current managers.

And they wanted me to apply for manager. Nein danke!

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