Sunday 9 May 2010

Saturday was a silly shift, seven hours long but two and a half hours after starting I’d had my meal break, with the last half hour of the night spent not actually driving, just waiting for a train then travelling back to my starting point. Whoever dreams up these shifts have never been near a railway in their life!

I swapped next week for night turns so expect more drunken japes from the travelling public. Rumours continue to fly around about the new timetable but until I see something in black and white I will continue to ignore them as I’ve worked here long enough to know that 99% of the talk that goes around LUL is complete and utter bollocks.

Tubelines is coming back in house which surprised no one and the word that RMT has already threatened strike action if there are any jobs cuts was to be expected. They’re also refusing to discus any changes to the Station staff levels unless it’s at the very highest level so one way or another they’re trying to engineering a strike in the summer. Still convinced that Bob Crowe can only get a stiffy when he calls for industrial action………

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