Monday 17 May 2010

Two very boring nights on the Central Line, no drunks worth mentioning, the only item of note was that due to engineering work on the Sunday I had to get a cab from WhC where I finished around 1:30am over to Lou to take the first train out at 6am. Driving up through the near empty streets of London and then out through Essex as the sun came up was exceptionally pleasant.

Apparently there have been various objections from the unions to the timetable as a lot of duties have meal breaks at locations without canteens. Only WhC and Les have canteens, Hai and WeR have them in the actual depot so by the time you’d walked in there it would be time to start walking back out to pick up your next train. At least Lou has a Sainsbury’s at the top of the road from the station but all this reinforces our belief that the people who make these decisions up at 55 have no idea what is going on down here and does nothing to dispel the “them and us” feeling.

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