Thursday 6 May 2010

A fairly normal day right up until my last trip EB. Sat at NoA, just about to get the green signal when a call comes for all trains EB from Hol to NoA “platforms and hold” – basically what it says, if you are at a station stay there, if not stop at the next one you reach. Someone had pulled an emergency handle down at TCR. So there I sat watching the minutes tick away, no further instructions or explanation was forthcoming until we got the “clear signals and codes” call; all clear.

With the crowding that had developed on the platforms while the trains were held and just general delays that come with peak hour working I was fairly late when I came out the other end of the pipe and I knew there was no way I could finish on time. Obviously not wanting to put LUL to the expense of paying me the overtime I tried to call the manager at Hai to see if there was a spare who could put my train away but couldn’t get through, so I called my own manager at Les.

The one person I was hoping wouldn’t answer the phone was the manager I mentioned two posts ago, E.O.B., who never ever does anyone any favours regardless of race, creed or colour and sure enough it was his voice that I heard on the other end. I asked anyway with little hope and on arriving at Hai there was no one to be seen. I closed up my two cars while the CSA closed up the back six and was about to shoot off into the depot when I spotted a driver scurrying up the platform frantically waving; E.O.B. had got me a spare. I jumped over to the train going back WB and booked off at Les on time.

I think if I asked to be taken off at Les he’d have left me to be late but he was quite happy to use someone else’s spare. Like most managers its knowing who will do what before asking them for something.

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