Sunday 30 May 2010

The pixies of prevarication worked their mischievous magic once more and this blog is inexcusably late. My only defence is that working early shifts does somewhat disrupt my personal timetable and Friday night I was out with my best friend till the wee small hours of Saturday morning. This will be the last blog for a while as I’m off work for two weeks on my “spring” holiday. My “winter” holiday was back at the beginning of January and while it seems a long time since I’ve had a break I’ll probably be even worse when I next have time off as I swapped my two weeks “summer” in September with another TOp who needed them so they could go visit relatives overseas. I now have my “summer” and “autumn” in November/December and my winter in February next year; even the seasons are flexible at LUL.

Anyhoo back to life underground. Very little shocks me but Thursday I was officially gobsmacked. I’ve seen arms, legs, bags of shopping, suitcases, briefcases, umbrellas, even pushchairs with babies in, all used in an attempt to block the closing doors but to see a woman rush up at the last minutes dragging a child in each hand and then physical fling one of them, approx age 5/6, into the breach was truly mind-numbing. Never underestimate the stupidity or irresponsibility of the travelling public. The humanitarian side of my brain was reeling in shock but the nasty Darwinian side specualted that if the mother was that moronic then genetically her offspring are likely to grow equally stupid, so if one of them was lost in an accident I don’t think they would have grown up to discover a cure for cancer.

Other news is that I attended my first Union meeting for ages, simply because an official from head office was down to present me with my “five year” badge. It started off being as dull as I remembered Union meetings to be but later of became quite enjoyable and I think I might try too get along more often in future.

Back in fortnight, I’ll be popping in to feed Clive and if any news comes my way I will pass it on

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