Monday 28 February 2011

A couple of people have pointed out that I’ve been name-checked by Dave Hill over at the Guardian in his London’s Top Bloggers section and I am somewhat gobsmacked. Tis an honour, many thanks DH.

A friend who is a guard over on London Overground tells me that the station staff at Midland Road feed the cat so next time I see one I will ask if they have a name for her though they might need a few more names pretty soon as she was very obviously carrying kittens down there.

Clive is very well, thank you, I’ll be cleaning his tank while spare tonight.

One interesting tool on this blogging site is you can check the stats of how many people are reading this, which bits they are reading and where they are accessing from.

God dag og velkommen to whoever is popping in on a regular basis over in Norway.

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