Tuesday 1 February 2011

Monday night was quiet, nothing of note other than SNA was unstaffed but then that’s hardly news. The station staff reshuffle comes in on Sunday, ticket offices opening times will be cut and hopefully they’ll sort out the rosters so that there are Station Supervisors where they need them when they need them. RMT and TSSA are in talks with LUL at ACAS over this, I don’t think either of them are in the mood for any more strikes as the four 24 hour stoppages have done nothing to halt LUL’s plans, they’re just trying to salvage what little they can from the mess.

In the morning Auto just refused to work at DEB EB, no message on DTS to indicate why, took the train Coded to LOU, switched back to Auto and it carried on as normal. Oh one thing, there are some TOps who’s hygiene regime is somewhat less than scrupulous and last night I relieved one of them at the start of my duty. The only thing to do is stick the air con on full blast, not something you really want to do in January.

Non-stop glamour……

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