Saturday 5 February 2011

Following last nights delays caused by having to wait for station staff who weren’t there I called up Wood Lane before I left EPP to see if there were any absentees and they assured me that tonight we had a full house. Sure enough someone was waiting for me at every station up until SNA where the platform was noticeably empty. When I called Wood Lane they repeated that they had been assured that someone would be there but when they tried to contact the Station Super there was no answer. As I have said many times communication is not a strong point at LUL.

Still at least the week was brightened by a highly entertaining drunk who staggered off at RED, slammed backwards into the train and then staggered a bit further down the platform before colliding with the train once more.

There was no way I was moving the train with this fellow bouncing around like a pinball but the Super spotted all this and was heading to our gallant inebriate’s assistance. Before he could reach him the desperately over-served gentleman decided this wasn’t his stop and boarded the train. The Super gave me the “right” with understandable haste as once the doors closed and the train left he was somebody else’s problem.

All the way to HAI I was watching for a reappearance but he stayed on till the end of the line, negotiated Plat 3 somewhat unsteadily, wobbled off down the stairs and into the night.

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