Sunday 6 February 2011

Spare Saturday night, all there was for me to do was to finish off a LOU shift, LES-EPP-LOU and into the sidings. The only thing of note was that every car had empty bottles or cans in them, with either split beer or vomit just to give it that proper party atmosphere. So much for the drinking ban…….

I’m off for three weeks for my “winter” holiday, it should have been in January but I managed to swap for February as it’s my birthday next week and I will be far, far too old. After that I won’t have my “spring holiday” till the middle of June. That might seem a strange interpretation of the seasons but on Wednesday’s GLA Transport Committee Mike Brown was asked when work would be finished on the Jubilee Line he said “spring” and when pressed for a month he reckoned “April, May, could be as late as June”.

So until Sunday 27 Feb it’s goodbye from me and happy travelling to you all.


  1. Have a good holiday!

  2. Hardly surprising. Three cleaners at Ealing yesterday. Two messing about on the platform with their mobile phones and another just walking through the train and not picking anything up. The train left as filthy as it arrived.

  3. Come back! The minute you went on holiday the Central line went wrong.