Friday 4 February 2011

Wednesday night was uneventful though Thursday morning we had to wait for the "road numbers", the list telling us which train is which in the sidings, as the DDM at HAI couldn’t get the new fax machine to work. Apparently the idea of emailing the info to the DMTs and getting them to print it off is beyond LUL’s imagination.

Just the one Auto failure at THB EB, the passengers must be used to it there as they all stood and waited, normally they start walking towards the train thinking that it's stopping where it is despite the four cars hanging off the back end of the platform.

Thursday night was equally uneventful except that THB, WOO and SNA were all unstaffed, not that I was told this until I’d sat on the platform for a minute and then called up Wood Lane to confirm.

Two more nights and then I’ve got three weeks off, it was meant to be two but I asked for the extra time as I’m owed it for all the bank holidays I’ve worked in the past year and I need to do a few things at home. I fully expecting to be told there was no cover available as had been the case the last few times but Hallelujah they gave it to me.

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