Monday 3 January 2011

First day back on nights, very odd changing over from bed at 9pm and starting work at 5:30am to going to work at 9pm and going home at 5:30am. Very quiet, perhaps a mixture of too many days off to enjoy themselves, the impending VAT rise and the nervousness about the future has people staying in watching TV. One poor soul at the ticket office window at EPP, as I walked past I heard “So I take that train to Loughton, then what?”; something you don’t want to find yourself asking at half past midnight on a Sunday when your final destination is obviously not LOU.

Otherwise not much to report other than I managed to swap my rest day Friday week (14) with a colleague who had Tuesday (11); I’ve been offered a ticket for West Ham v Birmingham in the League Cup Semi. Come on you Irons!!!!!!

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