Friday 21 January 2011

Tuesday the TOp that went missing returned and I had a quiet night sitting spare during which the DMT took the opportunity to conduct my “return to work” interview, all part of our baroque sickness and absence policy. When I’m really, really bored I will explain it here.

Wednesday was equally quiet, the only things of note being that this week DEB is unstaffed and as I pulled in at the end of the night at HAI a passenger with a suitcase was remonstrating with the station staff. He even tried to board my depot-bound train while they were closing up the rear cars and I left them debating the issue on the platform. There was no sign of him when I walked past the closed station a few minutes later so I guess they must have directed him to the night bus or the minicabs.

I had much the same experience when I arrived at WER Thursday night, two sleepers in one carriage with a third in another, one of whom was very loath to leave their seat and was mortified to discover that the next train back to EAA wasn’t for four hours. On the journey up Auto failed three times between stations due to the rain, ah technology will solve all our problems.

My only other bit of news is in connection with the theft of a large amount of communications cable from DEB trackside a few weeks ago which turned up in a scrap metal yard round the corner from me Tuesday morning. BTP turned up later, informed the owners of it’s origin and took the details of the people who had brought it in. When they returned the next day with more of the cabling BTP were waiting and made five arrests. Which was nice…….

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