Saturday 15 January 2011

Oh well I tried. Still not at all well but was managing to get by until going EB through the Pipe I started getting stomach pains and the jolting of the train made me feel very uncomfortable. At the time I was heading up to DEB, the EPP branch is the worst part of the line for track condition and I decided that I was in no fit state to go on.

By the time I called up the DMT to tell him I’d be booking off sick I was at STP and he asked if I’d be okay to get to LES or did I want to book off where I was. Well I wasn't thant sick so the quickest way home was to stay right where I was on the front of the train. Once again the track between MIE and STR played merry hell with my metabolism but eventually I got to LES and a spare took me off.

I’ll be back Sunday night, hopefully in full health. Even train drivers get ill.

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