Saturday 22 January 2011

Friday was cold but it seems as if London has recovered from the Christmas and New Year hangover. The usual groups of youngsters off for a night out, a man at WOO who didn’t want to finish his conversation so stood half in and half out the door until I asked him over the PA to have a little consideration for those passengers who were still on the train and wanted to get on with their journey. And two men both obviously “over-served” who staggered off the train (LOU and THB) then zigzagged up the platform to such an extent that I left very cautiously in Coded.

Tonight DEB and BUH were unstaffed and at EPP I had to employ the whistle to remind the Super that the last train needed confirmation from them that it could depart. At SOR Wood Lane instructed me to approach WER at caution speed in Coded as there was a very abusive passenger on the platform and as I left RUG I heard the DMT over the radio confirming that the passenger, female, was refusing to leave so we’d have to wait of BTP to arrive to deal with the situation. By the time I crawled in the passenger, about 5ft nothing, was meekly heading towards the exit.

As I said, back to normal.

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  1. The way you describe these unstaffed stations is really pretty poor on the part of LU - bringing it in gradually. Bad news all round.