Tuesday 18 January 2011

Monday I was spare but one of the HAI night turns failed to show and I got their shift. Apparently the TOp was working Sunday night and Wednesday he starts rest days so if he doesn’t show up tonight I will be the only spare this week having to cover for him. Now it’s personal……

This wouldn’t be so bad but there always seems to be one HAI TOp who asks for night shifts but then calls in sick etc and as LES provide the night spare the other TOps at HAI are unaffected. The last one played this game for ages before he got told no more nights and that was only after an admin error gave a week of nights to a TOp who was still in holiday on Pakistan.

This meant that there was no night spare to cover the regular absentee so the HAI dead early and dead late spares had to start and finish the duty. Thus the workload finally fell upon his colleagues at HAI and it was strongly suggested to the mafia that he shouldn't be given night shifts in future.

When I picked up my train, WB to WER, the TOp I relieved told me that ATP kept failing when going EB, that he’d told Wood Lane about the problem and that they might get me a change over. Despite the heavy rain the train behaved itself perfectly all the way to WER but when I changed ends although ATP appeared to be working the train wouldn’t move until I’d tripped and reset the MCB. We stopped short on one platform and ATP failed twice between stations on the EPP branch; not a happy train.

Overnight at LOU, first train out in the morning, tonight I must remember to take a book or a DVD.

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